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geosteen protection plusProtection Plus

With the P of Perfection

Protection Plus from MBI Stone Masons is a true innovation. Our paving stones were already well protected with a Protection Plus factor of 15, but now with factor 25 and factor 30, our paving stones are more resistant than ever to contamination and pollution. Certainly a pleasant thought, paving that is easier to clean than ever before. All our paving with a thickness of 4, 5 or 6 cm, with the exception of tumbled cobbles, is protected by at least factor 15.

Protection Plus factor 15 provides protection from within. This is not a factor which is externally applied, it forms part of the recipe. It is one of the individual ingredients which determines the quality of our paving stones. This not only protects your patio but gives it the quality to stay streets ahead of other types of paving.

Wanting to go that extra mile?

MBI also has products in the collection which are protected with factor 25. For this a transparent double protective layer is applied to the top layer, so that the pores of the coating are as good as closed. This occurs immediately after production. Factor 30 also has the dual protection layer, but the protective layer, which is applied over the top layer, is applied after 24 hours. The consequence of this is that the paving stone is even more compressed, the colour is then expressed more strongly and, above all, it gives an attractive gloss effect.

All our ornamental paving which has been treated with protective factors is easier to clean. An additional advantage is that the light gloss gives a highly attractive and elegant appearance to the products.

Protection Plus with the P for Perfection!

geosteen protection plus


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