GeoSteen® benefits

In the modern factories of MBI in The Netherlands we produce concrete paving for both commercial and domestic useage. The collective name for this contemporary and innovative product is: GeoSteen®.

High quality top layer: low maintenance and user friendly, all year round

Spring With the first peek of sunshine, you prefer to enjoy your terrace immediately. You can, if you choose GeoSteen®. Besides a wide choice of large, comfortable sizes, you’ll have less weeds, algae and mosses that bother you. These uninvited guests may adhere less to the surface of a GeoSteen® terrace.

Summer The season where you make the most intensive use of your terrace! Bright prolonged sunlight makes many products susceptible for discoloration and a hot deck which you cannot walk barefoot. How about Barbecue stains? If you choose GeoSteen®, you’ll enjoy the summer without problems.

Autumn The most bleak, wet season of the year. Where you barely use the terrace to sit on, but mostly as ‘between’ on the way to the garage or your cozy living room. But If the autumn sun is shining, you want to enjoy your garden or terrace immediately! Without unnecessary scrubbing. GeoSteen® makes it easy.

Winter Winter has two features. There’s the fun of making a snowman, but there is also the danger of a dangerous slide lurking. With GeoSteen® the wintry problems of brick and stone terraces are in the past. Because GeoSteen® tiles are guaranteed frost-resistant and gives you grip when much needed.

Comfortable for your feet

During midsummer the temperature of your nature stone terrace tiles can really increase. But GeoSteen® tiles always gives the feet a comfortable landing. Moreover, you will experience more comfort than with natural and ordinary concrete, thanks to special finishes of the top layer as smooth or brushed. We call this Footcomfort.

The colour is genuine

The quality and colour of a terrace with GeoSteen® tiles stay longer retained than a standard deck. All thanks to the strong, colour genuine top layer, made with colour genuine materials that retain their natural colour.

Easy to clean with Protection Plus

GeoSteen® tiles are not only easy to clean. The dirt and water repellent properties make life just a little easier. Thanks to the highest Protection Plus coating.

Protection Plus from MBI Stone Masons is a true innovation. Our paving stones were already well protected with a Protection Plus factor of 15, but now with factor 25 and factor 30, our paving stones are more resistant than ever to contamination and pollution. Certainly a pleasant thought, paving that is easier to clean than ever before. 

Protection Plus factor provides protection from within. This is not a factor which is externally applied, it forms part of the recipe. It is one of the individual ingredients which determines the quality of our paving stones. This not only protects your patio but gives it the quality to stay streets ahead of other types of paving.

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Easy to install

Tips and tricks to easily install a GeoSteen® terrace. For the best results get your surface laid by a professional paver or landscape gardener.

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