Domestic paving

GeoSteen® domestic paving

If you choose GeoSteen®, then you choose the most personal terrace possible. There are about 15 different types that differ in finish, colour, shape, size and other features that you consider important. Discover your type of GeoSteen® paving! Our GeoSteen® range consists of quality products which are the result of over 70 years’ experience. Over time, these items have been refined, improved and, on occasion, completely reinvented. GeoSteen® products enjoy a separate, natural top layer and an exceptionally strong concrete base. Our high quality GeoSteen® range is available in three finishes: riven, smooth and structured


Riven indicates that the stone has a unique profiled surface. Sometimes referred to as relief, the surface texture can be very diverse, ranging from fine lines to a rougher and more varied slate relief. This reflects the appearance of natural hewn stone. In general this category can be most characterised by its emphasis on variation together with intriguing shadow effects.


The term smooth refers to the surface of the stone. Smooth stones can be finished in a variety of ways each creating a completely different look while still belonging to the same category. From rustic stones with worn edges and nostalgic character to organic contours with a highly contemporary feel.


The term structured is used to describe paving stones made with a top layer of fine, washed material. A unique finishing technique makes it possible to build up a top layer comprising of finely graded natural materials and this is what makes this robust series so distinctive and unique. Available in different gradations, from a fine structure to a more robust look.

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GeoSteen® specifications

Until you become familiar with GeoSteen®, you will doubt between a ceramic, natural stone and concrete patio.
Ceramic and expensive natural stone often have a high quality appearance. Concrete is more affordable and has
made considerable aesthetically leaps in recent years. GeoSteen® tiles are a new category of terrace tiles that
combines the advantages of natural stone and concrete. With extra convenience, comfort and a huge choice of
sizes, links, profiles and finishes. This makes GeoSteen® the terrace that suits you best, throughout the year.

Advantages of GeoSteen® paving

The smartest choice – GeoSteen® combines the advantages of natural stone and concrete. First you choose the look of natural stone and then the advantages quality, durability and affordability of concrete. The quality and colour of a terrace with GeoSteen® tiles stay longer retained than a standard deck. All thanks to the strong, colour genuine top layer, made with colour genuine materials that retain their natural colour.

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