GeoRetron specifications

Besides the fact that GeoRetron is an excellent fit for residential areas with a 20s or 30s appearance in terms of looks, it also lends itself well for applications in the inner-city area.Think of public squares, historic city centres, shopping centres and parks.

The characteristics of concrete paving stones combined with the aesthetics of fired clinker bricks: that is GeoRetron. The top layer is made up of a compact structure and a closed surface.  The paving stone is dirt repellent and features an extra protective layer to prevent grime build-up and algae growth.

Sizes All standard paving stone sizes can also be delivered with the GeoRetron texture. Of course, we also offer a wide range for mechanical paving packages. 

  • Waal size – 20x5x8 cm
  • Long size – 24x6x8 cm
  • Large long size – 24x8x8 cm
  • Fat size – 21x7x8 cm
  • Clinker size – 21×10,5×8 cm
  • Double size – 21x21x8 cm

Complementary paving Angle-cut and half-sized paving stones are available on request. These can be delivered in any desired quantity. This offers you several benefits:

  • Quality finish of the street paving
  • Avoids colour differences
  • Ergonomically responsible
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Less waste

Versions You can choose from 3 versions:

  • Antica: weathered look
  • Margine: with bevelled edge (2×2 mm)
  • Stretto: without bevelled edge 


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