GeoColor specifications

TIP GeoColor texture is also available for water-permeable paving, even with a reflecting material in the top layer.

Our products are delivered as standard with a 2×2 bevelled edge, but you can also order many sizes without a bevelled edge. You can choose from a limited range of grey tones for the GeoColor kerbs. GeoColor is of course also available in the various mechanical paving packages.

Sizes All standard paving stone sizes can also be delivered with the different GeoColor textures;

  • Waal size – 20x5x8 cm
  • Long size – 24x6x8 cm
  • Large long size – 31,5×10,5×8 cm
  • Fat size – 21x7x8 cm
  • Clinker size – 21×10,5×8 cm
  • Double size – 21x21x8 cm

Also tiles and large sizes available!

  • 20x20x6 cm – 20x20x8 cm
  • 30x15x6 cm – 30x15x8 cm
  • 30x20x6 cm
  • 30x30x6 cm – 30x30x8 cm
  • 40x20x6 cm – 40x20x8 cm
  • 40x30x6 cm
  • 40x40x6 cm – 40x40x8 cm
  • 60x20x6 cm
  • 60x30x6 cm – 60x30x8 cm
  • 60x40x6 cm
  • 60x60x6 cm – 60x60x8 cm

Complementary paving Angle-cut and half-sized paving stones are available on request. These can be delivered in any desired quantity. This offers you several benefits:

  • Quality finish of the street paving
  • Avoids colour differences
  • Ergonomically responsible
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Less waste

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