GeoSteen® benefits

In the modern factories of MBI in The Netherlands we produce concrete paving for both commercial and domestic useage. The collective name for this contemporary and innovative product is: GeoSteen®.

The strength of MBI: creating the perfect colour and texture combination for façade cladding and paving.
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GeoSteen® is a product based on colourfast minerals. Damage and wear due to heavy usage have a minimum effect on the colour.

Wide choice of colour shades 

With a choice from more than 60 different types of granulates, we offer a very extensive range in colours and colour shades. This allows you to always match the paving to the desired aesthetic feel of the environment or to the façade cladding of the surrounding buildings. Tailored to your project! Whatever mixed package you’re looking for, our Stonemasons are ready to take on the challenge.

Long life

GeoSteen® has outstanding wear resistance and can withstand freezing temperatures and de-icing salt. The excellent and lasting roughness guarantee a safe road surface for years and years. A life cycle of more than 30 years is without a doubt very achievable.

Dimensional stability and wear resistance

GeoSteen® is dimensionally stable and resistant to heavy loads. The minimal wear due to weather is very even and level.

Sustainable and durable

GeoSteen® is maintenance friendly with a long depreciation period. GeoSteen® meets the Environmental quality mark and falls into the Ecoforto sustainable concrete paving stone category. The washing process is also more sustainable than that of similar alternatives.

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GeoSteen® is also available in ergonomic, easy-to-pave mechanical paving packages. Moreover, these products are more attractively priced than for example ceramic tiles.

Road safety 

Paving is inextricably linked to this important topic, whether it’s to guide or stop traffic, or to slow down speed. Using concrete street paving in a variety of colours offers all kinds of opportunities to provide safe and aesthetic traffic management. The unique properties of concrete street paving block offer distinct benefits:

  • the high resistance to damage due to frost and de-icing salt;
  • the ability to withstand mineral oil and petrol;
  • excellent roughness, all the more so because the joints between the paving stones prevent a film of water from occurring on the road surface;
  • a high abrasion resistance;
  • good lighting properties (light reflection), in particular with the lighter-coloured street paving.

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