Commercial paving

Commercial paving

MBI is one of the largest Dutch producers of concrete paving for both commercial and domestic useage. Our Stonemasons are committed to create a better living environment; in quality, durability, color and shape. Thus enhanching the quality of our products that we produce in our modern factories. MBI turns her extensive experience to a broad range of streetstones, tiles, tires and other elements. We understand the selection process for the correct type of stone can be very complex. Luckily we can offer you assistance every step of the way.

The concrete paving stone is a versatile product which lends itself for a wide range of applications in the public space. The GeoColor series have a washed surface texture in a diversity of color nuances. The GeoRetron series have a closed surface texture in warm earthly colors. 

geosteen geocolor commercial paving geosteen-georetron


After processing of the toplayer by a special washing process, the visible surface of the GeoColor stone emerges from colourfast natural materials of serveral degrees. (This process is also known as washed concrete). Thanks to the perfect balance of functionality, esthetic value and lifespan we frequently see the GeoColor texture in our streetscape. We offer an extensity of stone sizes, tiles and tires.

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The GeoRetron series is a range of colorfast concrete streetstones with a nostalgic look. This series is available in warm earthly colors. Because of this, the GeoRetron series is very well applied in residential areas with a ‘20s or ‘30s appearance. By applying fine supplement minerals we create a very smooth eroded look which guarantees this nostalgic look.

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