GeoSteen® paving

For commercial and domestic users

GeoSteen® is a absolute top collection. MBI (Dutch producer) is the inventor of concrete pavers with a unique top layer comprised of high-quality materials selected for their natural colours. This involves making a base consisting mainly of natural granulates. This helps ensure that in all aspects including artificial pigments, the stones stay looking good for much longer.

These exceptional stones with their high quality top layer have now deservedly earned their own special category. These have many benefits including being available in larger sizes, having more attractive colour nuances and improved colour stability over a longer period when compared to conventional concrete and they also have better practical properties than natural stone. Moreover, these products are more attractively priced than for example ceramic tiles. The collective name for this contemporary and innovative MBI product is: GeoSteen®.

When you encounter the term ‘Geo’ in our products, you now know that there is an exceptional story behind the eye-catching surface!

geosteen-commercial paving geosteen domestic paving

Commercial paving

For a major part the street sets the atmosphere for our built environment. Besides esthetic values there are also important practical needs. MBI turns her extensive experience to a broad range of streetstones, tiles, tires and elements that connect atmosphere to functionality and dureability and that meet the highest demands when it comes to measurements, slip resistance, compression strength and abrasion resistance.

Domestic paving

We wouldn’t be true Stonemasons if we wouldn’t improve our products year after year. It’s important that your terrace is beautifull, but for us that’s not enough. It must be perfect. Comfort for your feet, more resistance to green algae and easy to install. We are committed to keep surprising you with the newest developments, colors and sizes in our assortment of domestic paving.

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